July 10, 2012

Here We Go, Paleo?

July 9, 2012

Canadian Heatwave-An Unparalleled Oxymoron

Snapshot of Northwestern Alberta: Frostbite, blowing snow, ice , sleet, greyskies. No daylight to be seen upon leaving the  house in the morning, and none upon return in he evening. That disgusting feeling when the inside of your nose freezes. (hopefully that’s not just me?)  And all of this for roughly seven months. But not today. Today is July 9th. Today we are in the middle of a Canadian heat wave. 


On the first day of said heat wave, the masses rejoice. We’ve earned it! It’s beautiful! Set up your pools, your sprinklers, your slip and slides! Flood the splash parks and water slides! Fill the coolers with Kokanee, Canadian and Budweiser! Ok, you get the point. Day two sees pictures flooding facebook of every idiot sunburn. Come on people, let’s not advertise stupidity. Day three, the seemingly unending whining and complaining about the heat kicks in. We Canadians can be a fickle bunch.


The new Mom in me wants to embrace each day, so that my daughter may choose to live the same way. The over-organized planner in me is annoyed that my schedule (too hot for laundry!) and meal plan (too hot to roast a chicken) are thrown off. New Mom prevailed. Day one saw us picking up a kiddie pool at the local hardware store. We had it filled and were playing within the hour. Day two had us lighting a campfire after dinner and catching a little breeze outside. There have been freezies and water toys, lots of sunscreen and the odd ice cold Canadian. Thee has been one, and there will be another, sleepover in the nice cool basement.


Last summer (I was pregnant) would have seen me moping and complaining. Summers previous would have seen me hit the high on day one (beers and river floating, anyone?), posting ridiculous sunburn pictures on day two, and complaining to anyone who would listen on subsequent days. What I’m getting at is that sometimes our children really DO make us better people, in large and small ways. I’m trying to teach her to embrace life-who knew that teaching going to be the one to teach me that very thing.







July 9, 2012

Hello world!

Welcome to Mom, Not Maid! I find my life interesting. You may, too. In summay, I believe laughter is the best medicine, and every day’s a school day. I hope you return to this blog to share that with me!